Specials Running at Mosh

Diesel 50ppm special - Bellville

From 1 March - 6 March 2018 we will be running a rediculously brilliant special. You'll pay R12.57 per litre for Diesel50ppm - this price is more than R1.00 cheaper than any other fuel station in the area.

What is 50ppm and what are the benefits of using it?

The "ppm" refers to the lead content that is present in the diesel and stands for "parts per millilitre". In South Africa we have two grades that fuel retailers supply - namely, the most popular 500ppm and the more expensive, cleaner grade - 50ppm.

Many people will say that there is very little difference vetween the two products, but that is 100% incorrect. Research has shown that 50ppm diesel helps prolong your engines life span and also emits far less C02 into the atmosphere. It is also believed that using 50ppm diesel can also give you a better milage than 500ppm.

Find our Facebook advert here for directions to the Bellville depot and more information on the special:


Mosh Petroleum Bellville

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Truckers takeaway special - Worcester


Fill a minimum of 350liters Diesel 50ppm or 500ppm at Mosh Petroleum's Worcester branch - at pump price, and get the "meal of the day" and 2liter Jive for FREE!


Each day we will have ONE of the following dishes available:

  • Pap n Rice/Wors - with 2 liter jive
  • Chicken Curry and Rice/Pap - with 2 liter jive
  • Beef Stew and Rice/Pap - with 2 liter jive


*** Please note that this special only applies for people that fill 350liters of DIESEL 50ppm or 500ppm at our Worcester branch - at PUMP PRICE. Clients who receive a discount on their diesel price will be charged R25.00 for the Meal and 2liter Jive ***

Daily Truckers Special

Pap en Wors