Fill a minimum of 350liters Diesel 50ppm or 500ppm at Mosh Petroleum's Worcester branch - at pump price, and get the "meal of the day" and 2liter Jive for FREE!

Each day we will have ONE of the following dishes available:

  • Pap n Rice/Wors - with 2 liter jive
  • Chicken Curry and Rice/Pap - with 2 liter jive
  • Beef Stew and Rice/Pap - with 2 liter jive

*** Please note that this special only applies for people that fill 350liters of DIESEL 50ppm or 500ppm at our Worcester branch - at PUMP PRICE. Clients who receive a discount on their diesel price will be charged R25.00 for the Meal and 2liter Jive ***

Daily Truckers Special

Pap en Wors